Heart and Mind a mutual relationship

How often do you allow the dialog of your mind to silence the longings of your heart? Have you ever stopped and listened to what your mind is actually saying to you? Are you hearing words of encouragement or a constant dialog of not good enough?

The relationship between our heart and our mind should be like that of a phenomenal marriage. Our mind should protect us from danger and guide us, but should be stretched and grown to try the desires of our hearts, to step out of our comfort zone. To be encouraged by self.

My mind has a rather negative dialog with my heart. It is a continuous stream, at times, of not good enough, why even bother, you look stupid, your dumb, etc. As you can see, I really don’t need any other critics, I have my own that is attached.

Sometimes it isn’t even logical because the proof of my ability can be seen in black and white, and yet it will continue on, sometimes paralyzing me in very important areas of my life.

What do we do when the mind is so critical of our self that it impacts us every single day?

Sometimes all we can do is take a leap of faith! Put on your parachute and step out of the plane!

Myself I pursued certificates, from my studies I have a stack. Not for anyone else’s acknowledgement, although it is really nice to receive that, but as a measuring stick to use to beat back the voices. In fact for a long time I would kind of mention my classes quietly in some circles, but really the only one that cared was myself anyway, that’s okay, probably don’t want everyone to know how smart I am anyway, lol. They might expect more. LOL

Another area I have ventured into is art. My mind laughed at me when I thought of starting to express myself through art. But my heart knows the link between colour and emotion so I tried a piece or two. I may never be Picasso, but the release of tension and stress that I get as the colour comes together on the paper and a picture is exposed, that in itself is priceless therapy.

My point is that we can be controlled by the voices in our head, they can even cause great amounts of damage to the depths of our souls. Or we can stand up to them, we can take control of the moment, we can try something different.

Be aware of the words your mind is telling you, capture them, measure them, make them prove that they are right or prove them wrong. YOU are the only one that can silence the negative dialog and sometimes, you never know something beautiful may come of it!

Autumn light