Living Life or is Life Living You?


Yesterday, one phone call changed my perfectly planned day. Not that I was forced to change my plans, in fact I probably did the opposite to what was “expected” of me. I took control of the portion of the situation I could control, I quickly made a plan, I notified those involved and I took action and accomplished what needed to be done. WIN!!! …but it was not how I had planned my day.

You want to know something? That is perfectly okay! I weighed the options. I made the choice to act immediately and not wait. I took control.

How often though do I get pulled around by circumstance or pressures? How often do I just go with the flow, rushing here and there putting out fires and treading water just trying to keep up?

I have made a decision and I am committed to keeping it, “to the best of my ability, I CHOOSE TO LIVE MY LIFE, I will not be lived by my life.”

I will weigh and measure and choose! How about you, which will you choose?