Zombie Apocalypse

I realized something yesterday while out walking, the Zombie Apocalypse has already started. That’s right zombie’s are all around us.

Zombie’s are not creatures that have crawled up out of a grave though, they are humans that are “living as if they were already dead”.

Some are trapped in cycles of blame, fear, inertia. Some are brilliant in I.Q. and absolutely dead to living to their full potential.

They expect others to care for them, whether through gifts or government handouts. They hide behind labels and excuses. Occasionally they show glimmers of life, and a desire to live again, but quickly fizzle back out.

This cycle causes fear, sorrow, absolute mourning in those that love them most. As their great potential to impact the world in a positive way slowly fades away. How does the living protect their own heart from the thousand deaths of the zombie?

But these are not the only zombies walking around. There is the other end of the spectrum also. The ones that get up every day, have careers, homes, sometimes families. The follow every rule, go to their safe job, make sure they have all the latest status symbols, but are dead inside. Their fire doesn’t burn strongly anymore, their dreams of long ago lay dusty on a shelf, their passion has been snuffed.

These zombies often help facilitate the other zombies, because it feels good to help those less fortunate. Instead of raising the bar of expectation.

There are the political and religious zombies as well, those that just eat whatever is fed to them. Not digging deeper to weigh and measure the truth factor of what is being said and directed. Very dangerous in deed because in their inattention they allow for others to be captured and pulled down from where their path is leading them.

The cure for these zombie diseases is purpose.

The way to get to purpose is discomfort and honesty.

Honestly, I believe good-hearted people, and those stuck firmly in the box feed these monsters. Maybe feeding them doesn’t work. As hard as it is do they need to go hungry. Today ask yourself, what monsters are you feeding?