Breathe In Peace, Breathe Out Frustration, Clutter Out,Peace In

A dear friend of mine gave me a couple of shelving units because she was moving and had no where to use them. Unfortunately because of appointments and such they spent a few days cluttering up the middle of my kitchen. Creating mobility havoc in our home, and a very miserable husband.

With determination I worked out where the final resting place should be for these blessings, and set about “spring cleaning” the areas that I wanted them in.

I could not believe how perfectly they fit, like the hand of God had made the space. You have to understand I am slightly spatially challenged from time to time.

It was a long day getting things organized. I was able to unpack 5 boxes that had been cluttering up my home, and get my prized cookbooks out on a display. My cleaning and paper products now have a home that doesn’t tumble out into my pathway, and my daughter’s cat’s litter box is no longer in the main flow of traffic.

My husband even complemented how it had all worked out with a “that is pretty good, better than I expected”. That was a huge reward for me.

One piece of my life puzzle moving closer into alignment. One deep breath of peace.

Have you paused and taken a moment to celebrate your life victories you accomplished yesterday?

What is your goal today?

Today is self care Thursday! I declared it to be just now lol. I am extremely excited to go and have a massage and adjustment. Until last week I had no idea that I could feel this much better.

Then art expression with a couple of my children this evening. The anticipation is dancing delightfully in my mind.

Think of some delight you can pamper yourself with today!