Time For Reflection

We are home from our reboot weekend. It was a wonderful time spent together, without interruption or responsibility staring us down.

A time out, to listen to Tim’s heart cries. To discuss our dreams and goals, and to just pause from the pressures of life.

Seventeen years ago, I made vows in front of God and witnesses to spend my life with Tim, until “death do us part”. I was so “in love” with him, the world was bright and beautiful and I had no doubts in my mind that God himself had put us together for His great purpose.

I still believe that we were put together by God. But let me tell you it has not always been easy to stick to those promises I made that day. We have come so close to the breaking point, the point of no return.

Life gets busy, bills, illness, stress, physical and mental exhaustion, old habits, perceptions, children, the list goes on and on, all this comes and can destroy relationships.

We listen but do we hear? If we hear does the one we love know without a doubt that we have heard. I act like a human of many words, but I am training like an Olympic athlete to reduce my words out and increase my listening ability. I wonder if anyone has noticed yet?

I have a goal in life… In a world where relationships have become “disposable”. Where people bounce from relationship to relationship, from marriage to marriage, where single mom Christmas commercials have become the “norm”, I want to use my life lessons, my education to help those that want to make changes in their life, to make their relationships spectacular. I myself can NOT fix your relationship, but I have a tool box of tools to share with you if YOU are ready to do the work. (Note: I have the utmost respect for single parents, I was one.)

I continue learning to use the tools my education and life has provided to take my relationship to the next level. Hopefully my heart will remain open so the lessons are not so painful.

Everyday it becomes clearer to me, love is not a feeling, love is an action. Love is a choice to move. Sometimes it is easy to love, sometimes it is painful. But if it is genuine LOVE CONQUERS ALL!