Have you ever sat in silence? No music, no television, no book, no people chattering in the background. Not moving, just sitting.

I have discovered I can only maintain this state for moments! I am shocked!

Having the perfect opportunity to sit in silence this weekend, my mind enjoyed it for a few minutes, but it was not long till I felt an overwhelming urge to read a book, turn on music, watch t.v., work on my classes.

I did not reach for my journal to brain dump my thoughts. I did not engage in a conversation on …..whatever came to mind with my husband. My mind spun at a phenomenal rate from one subject to another. It felt awkward/uncomfortable, painful.

CONFESSION: I am fully addicted to brain stimulation!

Is this contributing to my inability to sleep through the night? Is this contributing to not being able to slow down and engage with my family in a more personal/intimate way?

Tim and I had discussed and decided before we left to not use the laptop or the t.v. while we were on our reboot weekend. It was very important to me to be able to write, talk, plan (SMART), read paper books, etc. Wow, one weekend, just two days, and I couldn’t do it!

What has the advancement of technology taken from us? I understand the gains it has given, but are we loosing the ability to be silent or engaged with each other or ourselves in a truly intimate way?

How do you practice unplugging?