Habit Inventory: THE NEW YEAR COMETH: What works, What doesn’t!

Have you ever considered what you do or how you react to others?

A wise saying is “If you do the same thing over and over, you will get the same result.” or “When you stop hitting your head against the wall, and use the door, the pain will stop!”

How many areas of our lives do we get trapped in the same routine over and over and over, no matter how much we don’t like the results that we are achieving?

What habits or routines just don’t work?

Timers and check lists work for me. I don’t have to do the same thing every single day, but if I decide what I want to accomplish during the day and how much time I need to dedicate to it, then discipline my self to use the timer, I am capable of accomplishing so much. So why don’t I use these tools every day?

My diet and health regime is NOT working for me! Why don’t I sit down for half an hour and make a plan of how to work healthier choices into my day? I am not into the habit of doing this, and I do have a habit of perfectionist thought that leaves me afraid to fail. Need to change this one.

Painting relaxes me. I sleep better after focusing on creating. I do this once a week. So once a week I tend to sleep better. Why can’t I work the habit of creating into my routine a couple more times a week?

My housework habits work amazingly if I incorporate the Fly Lady routine into my day to day life. But I have the habit of loosing my “control journal”. I need the habit of putting it away in the same spot at the end of the day.

Have you stopped and considered your habits lately? I challenge you to make a list, what works, what doesn’t. Then we can look at a plan to get our habits in check!

Are you ready to own your habits? Or are you still too comfortable having your habits own you?


Useful link : http://www.flylady.net/d/getting-started/