Breaking Bad

take every thought captive! (2Cor10)

How quickly can we get set into the routine of negative thinking and negative speech. I am so guilty of the “eye roll” and the “you know what *** are like” comment. How damaging this can be to the ones we love and to our friendships.

I don’t understand the ways of God or some may say “energy”, but I do know that the bible teaches that the Lord promised Abraham that ,”He will bless those he blessed!” His promises are long lasting.

If we were to stop and think of what our mind is spewing, acknowledge our hurt or frustration, add a little forgiveness, and change our dialog, what would the Lord do? Our dialog toward ourselves and about others!

I am not saying we should “pretend” that everything is okay. No that develops into deep seated bad habits and broken boundaries. I am saying, capture our thoughts before we engage our mouths and release any comment out into the universe.

What if today we patched up the holes that let thoughts escape without consideration? What if we could reframe every thought into a peace to build up?

What if we, “set our minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.” (Part of )Col 3?