Living by chance

As I was meditating and praying this morning I read, “don’t leave your marriage to chance.” I was immediately taken aback by this statement as I could hear clearly STOP leaving your LIFE to chance’.

It’s not that I am particularly reckless or endangering myself the way I live, but on the other hand, I am not really managing myself well either.

It’s kind of like these pictures above, my camera is not very good to begin with, then leaving the placement and flash settings to chance…it just doesn’t capture the depth of this piece. It’s washed out, not enough feeling shows through.

2020 was a year to restore vision. To take off blinders and rose colour glasses. To restore clear sight.

It has been painful to see clearly sometimes. As the reoccurring theme keeps coming up, start living, start managing, stop being a ‘blob’ on the face of the earth. Time is not promised, get up, get out of your ‘comfort zone’ and do something. Silence the lies, take a risk, prove them wrong. Don’t stand by and watch your life pass before your eyes. Stretch out and ‘BE FULLY YOU’! You were created for great things.

We cannot ‘control’ what will happen, but we can manage how we react and respond to it. We can set boundaries around what is important and measure cost before taking actions. We can manage instead of living by chance.

We need to start today!