Now or Later

How many times have you wanted to start some type of self improvement plan, but the timing wasn’t right? For myself, over and over again!

What type of things should we consider when deciding when to start? Should we really consider holidays, schedules, commitments, weather, kids….? Or should we just start?

I know I have discussed it before and I certainly don’t want to sound like a broken record, but one pressing area in my life is my near constant aches and pains. I believe that my diet and exercise habits, probably contribute to this current condition.

You would think that actual physical pain would be an exceptional motivator for immediate change. For myself though, the “it’s Christmas” excuse, with all the treats and goodies, is the current run to, to avoid actually taking responsibility for myself and my choices.

Do I really have that little self control? Can I not control myself from stuffing that cookie, and chocolate into my mouth? It’s inanimate for crying out loud, it’s not going to jump up and force me, it can’t threaten my family, it’s just a yummy delicious cookie!!!!

Food in the past has always been a comfort area for me. A soother! I have so many happy memories of family and friends gathering around the kitchen at my grandparents home eating, and laughing together. My other gran would love to go shopping and then dine at the local Chinese restaurant.

Then there is the flavour sensation. I am very stimulated by taste and smell.

But why in the world can’t a delectable sweet and juicy piece of fruit, or a savoury bite of herb seasoned steak substitute for that cookie?

The cost of that cookie might be much higher than, a prime rib steak if these aches and pains develop into something much more serious. What about the cost to my children when I get too sore and grouchy to play or engage with them? What about my favourite outfit that went into the give away bag because I couldn’t get it past my thighs? What about the physical ability to take that hike through the hills of northern Ontario next summer with my family? What about the fact that not one, but three of my aunts have kidney disease? The cost of that treat could be very very high!

My physician once told me that it can take up to two weeks for our body to rid itself of what we ingest. Therefore to know or feel for sure the changes will take some time. I am thinking a 30 day trial is on the menu.

I am not sure what or if I am sensitive to food, but in a couple of preliminary trials I have noticed significant changes if I reduce or eliminate added sugar and breads from my diet. My brother and my uncle both have full blown celiac disease Logically this is what I should target first again.

Well here I am again DAY 1 of “Candy’s Factory Reset”, reduce sugar intake, eliminate gluten, watch out for additives and colours.

Simplify it girl! Meat/Vegetables/Fruit/Water sounds simple enough. Oh yes and coffee, that is an important food group to keep right? LOL

Today IS day 1, no more putting off, I’M WORTH IT!