Maybe I am not as ‘smart’ as I thought I am, because I sure do struggle to set “smart goals“.

Why is being specific so difficult when it comes to goal setting? I make specific decisions every single day. For example I decide what grocery store I am going to, what task I will perform, what I will wear. These things are specific, but anything that takes more than a day or so….

Maybe it’s the fear of failure. If it is written clearly, I have to become accountable to it. I can’t just make an excuse or become slothful, I actually have to “measure” my progress and adjust my course of action.

What is an achievable goal? I would assume it is anything you set your mind to, and take the appropriate steps to get to.

Relevant? Relevant, relevant to who? I would assume if I made a smart goal it would have to be relevant to myself, or does relevant mean the specific steps to get to the prize? See I am already confused.

Time is so fleeting, it slips away from me so fast. How is it the very last week of 2020 anyway? It still feels like November so how did we get HERE? If time slips through our fingers so easily, how do I set a goal around it?

See I don’t feel very ‘smart’ today! But for sure it’s time to get educated!

—————————————————————————————————————————————————————– DAY 3 CANDY’S FACTORY RESET:

  1. remember fruit, vegetables, meat, water
  2. work on schedules, and checklists to maximize productivity, while mindfully observing rest periods for well being and peace.
  3. eat breakfast, pay close attention to hunger cues. work on vision to be able to set smart goals.

—————————————————————————————————————————————————————–FYI: day two: total failure on avoiding unhealthy choices:lesson eat breakfast and be mindful of hunger, stop and take care of self, but my success is, I did mindfully take a rest period yesterday afternoon when exhaustion started to overcome me.