Movie transportation

What makes a really good movie?

I recently spent a down day watching a bunch of movies.

All of them had interesting stories, but they did not all transport me. Some had low budgets, and mediocre acting. I watched to the end just to see how it would wrap up the plot.

Another of the movies I watched, was based on a true story and the character development and horror kept me engrossed. I wanted to see how the individual had overcome, and became successful against the odds.

The final movie I enjoyed, was a love story. It sucked me in. Had me longing for my younger years, wanting to travel, bawling over characters, smelling the ocean, feeling the breeze. I was magically transported to a different place and time. And I was left with an idea to ponder about life.

The story came alive, it was for a couple of hours, reality and passion.

What if our life could become so alive? If we could see, taste, feel, smell, and hear in such a heightened state. If passion for existence could be felt in full technicolor with the music ebbing and flowing in the background. Can you imagine living where you let your spirit move you so freely?

Why don’t we come alive,feel the music, today? Be transported!

Ready, take two, ACTION!