Rewriting your script!

peace spot

What do you want your story to look like? Do you want quiet and peace, or sizzle and excitement? Do you want corporate ladders, or humanitarian outreaches? Or a combination of all?

What does your mansion look like, or is it a cottage on the beach, a ranch in the foothills perhaps?

Where does your drama come from? What are your pressure points, and how do you deal with them?

What characters are you going to allow into your productions? Who needs to be written out? (Remembering like every good ‘soap opera’, they can in the future return from a comma.)

How much control do you think that you personally have over the script of your life?

You, yes you, are the author of your life!! Are you writing a block buster, or a flop? Are you a super star, or a wanna-be?

Find your peace spot, make your story come to life!