“It’ll be fine.”

When you know from experience the way of things, but you do something anyway, there is always a cost.

The cost from ignoring this time was annoyance , extra work, and a jungle moved back into the house.

Tomatoes tucked in for the night

Our beautiful heat, left last night leaving me with plants to bring inside, the gardens to tuck in, and disappointment of maybe not getting an early taste of goodness. I guess fear as well because if it froze hard enough I could have lost all my hard work.

I knew that it would get cold again. I repeated it in my mind, not to get in a hurry to plant tenders till June. “But” it has been hot not just warm, it must be going to continue. NOT!

Last night the temperature dipped to 1°C, tonight is supposed to be almost as low.

Maybe I should wrap myself up in a warm blanket (like my tender plants), sip hot tea, and get lost in a good book. Hard to move when you feel frozen.