Spice of life, because everyone needs a little heat!

Baby herb garden

Finding the balance between spicy and calm in life leaves me feeling bipolar. Just ask my best friend, when I can find the joy groove there is no stopping me. It’s always best to just hold on and enjoy the ride.

The flip side of me is the solitude I desire but don’t feel comfortable in for very long. If I don’t find that solitude ( which can happen even in a crowded room) I wither like a flower in the sun.

This is my favorite of my gardens. Although just babies now it’s full of basils, parsley, sage, chives, jalapeños, even a ghost pepper, some tomatoes, celery, and a few other herbs.

It’s my favourite because it adds flavour and depth to a simple meal or a banquet for friends new and old.

When it fills in it’s a mishmash of colour and texture.

It’s on a southeast wall and gets all day sun so it’s HOT, which is another reason I love this little taste adventure.

Even the simple can be spicy and solitude when you pour your heart into it!