Fishin’ Stories From The Canoe…

Beautiful Bonnechere

The heat was rising quickly yesterday. It didn’t take long till the mill was in the 40s. We decided to shut down, and take to the river.

We set out just Tim and I on the Indian River, mainly just floating along tossing the line.

I pulled out a little white fish, a bit of sport, but tossed it back.

Floating a little further, I couldn’t believe when I felt a tug on my line and up popped a great big…clam. I never caught a clam on a hook before.

Next was not so good. I hooked a stick, in a narrow fast moving spot. By the time we fought the current back to the stuck line, I had managed to hook it three places, wrap it around the canoe and myself. Was good for a laugh, turns out later that tangled line would work out in my favour.

We had a delightfully uneventful ride the rest of the way to where we had left the truck.

You would think we would have had enough for one day, after hauling the canoe and gear up a steep bank in the heat. Can you ever get enough of being on the water?

We came home, had a quick supper. Only one kid wanted to join us. Off on the next adventure.

After a bit of “sun fish play”, we pushed off shore floated along on the wind. Caught a little white fish, tossed it back.

Maggy spotted a beaver playing in the reeds. A little unexpected entertainment.

My final cast of the evening made quite a splash.

It was getting unto dusk, when the big fish should be good and hungry. I picked my spot, I cast, SPLASH!! The bait landed, but what was that giant splash at the front of the canoe?

“Did you see that SPLASH?”



“What was th….?”

“OH crap!!”


“That big splash, was my reel!!!”

Luckily for me, my line still had a tangle deep in it from my earlier adventure. Hadn’t prevented me from fishin, but certainly made it easier to reel in my reel!

Too bad I didn’t get to find out if that was where the big ones were waiting patiently for my bait.