Gone fishin’

First fish of the year!

Favourite pass time of the family is shore fishing (we would canoe but someone stole ours).

Last night for fun we went to a little lake not far off. After some sandwiches, then came sqimish giggles from the girls about baiting the hook.

Fred went down the shore a bit with fake bait and came back in short order with the first catch of the year. A real fighter! We soon released him back to the wild.

Practicing for ‘cod’ one day!

Zoa learning of the “best” hole, soon came up with her own catch.

I myself stayed busy baiting Mag’s hook and snapping pics of the flora and fauna.

Lady slipper

Tim showed me this beauty and I discovered a few other wonders.

When I returned to home base I found Stephanie teaching Maggy a new fishing technique.

We now call her “the fish whisperer”.

Can’t hardly wait for the next fish adventure, so they can show me how it’s done!