Gone fishin’

First fish of the year!

Favourite pass time of the family is shore fishing (we would canoe but someone stole ours).

Last night for fun we went to a little lake not far off. After some sandwiches, then came sqimish giggles from the girls about baiting the hook.

Fred went down the shore a bit with fake bait and came back in short order with the first catch of the year. A real fighter! We soon released him back to the wild.

Practicing for ‘cod’ one day!

Zoa learning of the “best” hole, soon came up with her own catch.

I myself stayed busy baiting Mag’s hook and snapping pics of the flora and fauna.

Lady slipper

Tim showed me this beauty and I discovered a few other wonders.

When I returned to home base I found Stephanie teaching Maggy a new fishing technique.

We now call her “the fish whisperer”.

Can’t hardly wait for the next fish adventure, so they can show me how it’s done!

The girls garden, a “no dig- garden extraordinaire”, or like I call it “Maggy’s not raised, raised garden”

The bare bones! A bit of stubborn grass to take out but good to go.

We had a tree growing up to our power lines. That wouldn’t do, unfortunately it had to come down.

Tim cut it as close to the ground as he could but what were we going to do with the spot.

I dreamed of having a garden there, it’s right on the corner of our lot where people drive in. As I was chatting about it, Maggy who was 9 at the time asked if she could have a garden.

Maggy planting her favorite snapdragons.

As I used to dream big when it comes to gardens, start strong, and fizzle because of not prioritizing weeding, (the gardening “bug” had not fully infested me yet) I was hesitant. But when your child wants a garden, you give them a garden. Besides the stump was inconvenient to mow around.

Now this little patch is one of my favourite flower patches in the yard.

We started by mowing down the grass. Then my husband put several inches of aged cedar sawdust on. This prevented the weeds and grass from taking over.

The thing to remember is that if grass struggles to grow, so will a lot of the plants you want to grow. So for every plant placed in the garden you pull back the sawdust, amend the hole, plant your plant and pull the sawdust back around to hold the moisture.

Works amazingly, and looks pretty too!

Girl fun!