Who Are You?

Have you ever looked in the mirror and not recognized yourself?

With the exception of the time I bleached and chopped off my hair, it is not really a surface thing.

Yes the post covid greying of the hair, the extra pounds, a deeper wrinkle here and there not always what I want to see. What about you? What if we look deeper, to the inside?

Periods of life that seem to shake who you thought you were, what happens then, when you look in the mirror and wonder “Who Are You?”

May 1st 2021

Turn and grow

May 1st, yesterday we had quite the snow storm, was surprising after having such a long stretch of summer like weather. Although melting fast, I really didn’t want to wake up to see snow on the ground.

Feels like I have been waiting on hold for so long, like something is about to happen, but no catalyst has reacted to make it start.

Today, today, today. Cool weather crops are going into the ground.

No more waiting for something, anything.

Planting a seed, may it grow!

Tis the season to be raging

What if this last few weeks of 2020, the incredible year, we gave ourselves permission to own our emotions? To admit we are NOT okay. To acknowledge the times we pretended we were fine but were really hurt or angry. What if we saught out those stumbling blocks that throw themselves back in our face over and over and perform a funeral for them and send them packing for good. What if we could start 2021 brand new, reborn, without the baggage? What if we told ourselves the truth? What if?