Thankful The Creator Sent Rain!

Clouds of promise

Yesterday was a beautiful hot sunny day, with a picture perfect sky, and not too many mosqitoes.

I was out working in my garden, weeding, watering and replanting my romaine lettuce that had failed to come up.

The reason I believe it had not grown was lack of water. I had been watering everyday but not nearly enough. The unseasonably hot and dry temperatures, and on somedays a steady wind, were not allowing the water to saturate into the ground.

When I started cultivating the surface and watering deeply, the ground sighed with relief. You could actually hear it drinking up the life giving liquid.

My heart could not help traveling to places of drought, where water is more precious than gold. Feeling thankful for our usual abundance, and asking the Lord for a little help to get fresh healthy food for my family and whomever He sends so that I can bless them with the excess.

Early this morning, before I was fully awake, I could hear the sound of a gentle rain tapping on my roof and splattering in my herb garden outside my window. All I could think was thank you Father, for sending a life giving drink, to this desperate earth.

The forecast calls for more rain tonight. We certainly need it. As the ground is turning to dust.

Sometimes my soul requires a little cleansing rain as well. My being becomes stagnant and starts to wilt. It becomes hard to shine and ‘be’ beautiful. (True beauty= kindness, gentleness, self control).

The world we live in seems to try to cultivate thistles. It is very good at growing thistles. It fertilizes with division and hate. It waters with government control and inadequacy. It seeds in destruction, jealousy, isolation and death. It is sometimes difficult to tell the weed from the flower.

Diligence and patience is required. We can’t rush through the watering and weeding process. We can not grow without drinking deeply of what is good, and carefully examining what is taking root, that we are allowing to grow within us.

May the Creator shower you with love and blessings, may He cultivate hope, peace, and joy in each of you.